Salutary Neglect- 150 Years of Doing Our Own Thing and Having Self Government
(hint: search salutary neglect; what examples are there of self government, why have the colonists been allowed self government, why don't we want that to change?)

Hannah and Becky, Period 3

Is England giving us more freedom? England made an undocumented policy called Salutary Neglect in 1607. In 1696 it became an official policy but they didn't enforce it. It wasn't enforced in 1763. The policy is supposed to prevent the strict enforcement of the British laws. It was created to keep us obedient to England, but if they give us more freedom isn't that giving us more space to become independent from them? Maybe they think that if they give us more freedom we will be less likely to revolt. Robert Walpole said,"If no restrictions were placed on the colonies, they would flourish." We already have some self government because it takes so long to get news back and forth from us to England. We have our own courts and governors but the king still rules over us.

Kenton and Zach, Period 3

Why would England give us more freedom when that also means that we have more of a chance to break free from their government? During the year of 1607 an undocumented policy was created. It was called Salutary Neglect. It was created to promote colonial prosperity by giving the colonists more freedom with self-government so that they would stay loyal to England. They were allowed this self-government (when you rule yourself) because the distance to get information from America to New England was too long, and they couldn't send information fast enough. The colonists however might use this freedom to slowly break away from the British monarchy that they hate so much. They tried to create a democracy and this effort eventually helped to create the House of Burgesses and the Mayflower Compact. This could play a major role in the eventual separation of America from England and it also might lead to a revolution.

Morgan Moffitt and Aaron Kindler, Period 6

Salutary neglect was an undocumented British policy of avoiding strict enforcement of parliamentary laws and was meant to keep the American colonies obedient to Great Britain.

American colonies had self rule because it was too hard to go from America to Britain and back. But then self rule got taken away. Then salutary neglect ended because the French and Indian War was too expensive and taxes in Great Britain were already high. This policy that has lasted a while already, allows the enforcement of trade relation laws to be lenient. Britain started salutary neglect because of the distance, and the 13 colonies could get mad because they already have examples of self government in them. Also the 13 colonies might have issues with all the new taxes, which might cause a revolution. 

Cj new and Elizabeth walker. Period 6.

The Salutary neglect was a policy set up by England That was NOT documented, but lasted from 1607 to 1763. The policy was set up so the American colonies stayed obedient to England. Salutary neglect happened in three different time periods. 1607 to 1696, 1696 to 1763, and from 1763 to 1775. The policy stated that if the colonies were left alone and to themselves, they would flourish. This would help on the road to the revolutionary war. Since the imperial authority did not assert the power that it had, the colonies were left to govern themselves. With the colonies, they think that England is just going to keep on using salutary neglect. So, England see's and recognizes this and they stop it. Then, England starts to tax again. This will also help with leading up to the revolution.

Kaitlyn Dunham and Dustin Jenks Period 9

Salutary neglect took place in the 1600's and 1700's. In our article we will tell you who started it and what took place, when , where , and why it happened and also how it happened
This was one of the greatest wars that was going on in Britain so as a result of this happening the taxes went up and the cost of food was raised, so that our country will have enough money to build weapons. Would you want the cost of living to rise ?
The Europeans and Colonists where involved in this war. Salutary neglect started by undocumented, though long standing, British policy of avoiding strict enforcement of Parliamentary laws.
There were three different time periods this war lasted through, 1607-1696, 1696-1763, and 1763-1775.

This war was fought through two different countries, England and Britain.
The Salutary neglect was meant to keep the American colonies obedient to Great Britain.
It was started by America disagreeing and so Britain took action and declared that they wanted to settle this conflict by agreeing to a war so then this started the revolutionary war which caused even more problems.

austin p, austin c period 9th

Today the colonies might have no restrictions. Salutary neglect gives us no restrictions, freedom to do whatever we want, and when we want to do it. This policy involves both us, the 13 colonies, and Britain. The policy of salutary neglect will avoid strict enforcement of the parliament's laws. If salutary neglect stops then taxes will be raised and will eventually put us in debt. They can add taxes but they won't give us representation. This is not fair. This may eventually cause a war between us and Britain. If Britain stops salutary neglect it will benefit England because they will be gaining money. It will hurt the colonists because they will be losing money without any way of changing their situation.