Tar and Feathering

Payton & Nick ! Period 3.

Tar and Feathering was a punishment that the colonists used on the tax collectors and stamp commissioners for taking extra money. The Sons of Liberty usually did the tar and feathering. The tar was easily found in ship yards and the feathers were from the colonists' pillows. The feathers were used to humiliate the people. Tarring was not usually fatal, but it was extremely painful and caused blistering. Efforts to remove the tar and feathers usually made the conditions worse. In 1766 Captain William Smith witnessed the first tar and feathering in America. After the Stamp Act it was common to threaten or attack British government employees in the colonies. Tar and feathering was used as a weapon against the Townshend duties. The British didn't like it at all and thought that it was wrong. The colonists liked it because it lets them punish the British and intimidate others from doing stamp taxing. When they tarred and feathered people, they stripped the people down, poured burning hot tar on the person's skin, and then added feathers for more humiliation.

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Mackenzie Rhea & Harley dozier

We are losing more and more tax collectors by the day. Most of them have given up because they were threatened and some were brought to town covered in tar and feathers. They were carried on poles, naked throughout the town. The next day the tax collectors would give up. The tar and feathers would leave marks and blisters, not getting any better and were tender. They almost always lived though the infections could kill them. But the tar and feathering is done mainly to scare tax collectors out of tax collecting. The taring part was unpleasant but not fatal usually. The Sons of Liberty will not stop until the collectors have all given up. The Sons of Liberty are trying to make a point by forcing tax collectors to give up, because the British are taxing without representation.


Tar and Feathering

Brookee and Joe !

Tar and feathering was a punishment used by the colonists (in the 18th century) to try to get tax collectors and stamp commissioners to stop taking more money from them. They thought if they humalited, and hurt them bad enough that they would finialy stop. Which usauly they would stop... What they would do is strip them, poor hot tar on them (which usauly caused blisters) then, either thrown feathers on them or made them roll around in feathers on them and parade them around in front of the whole town, to humalite them and get them to leave their town.

Taylor & Devan p.9

Tar and feathering is a punishment that is used in the colonies. It was used to intimidate tax collectors so eventually no one will want to have that job. This is an unpleasant process. They would pour or paint hot tar on you while you were naked. After they put the tar on you, they would roll you in feathers. You would get paraded around town for everyone to see you. It would cause painful blisters that got worse if you tried to get rid of them. One of the big groups who did this is the Sons of Liberty because they want to make sure that no one wants to be a tax collector.