Boston Tea Party

Brookelynn Russell & Brett Topolewski ! Period 9.

In Boston, 1773, the Boston Tea Party occured. The Boston tea party started because of the tax collectors lowering the price of East India Company's tea, and taxing all other tea. This act basically forced people to buy East India Company's tea. This made the colonists furious with the Parliament, and they took it out on the tax collectors. A gorup of about 200 men gathered to pour East India Company's tea into the harbor. As many as 7,000 people agritated, locals miled about the wharfs where the ships were docked.

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cody and rachel period 3

The British have no right to tax the colonists and basically force us to buy their tea. So the colonists took action on December 16, 1773. The Sons of Liberty went to Boston Harbor, boarded three british ships, and dumped forty-five tons of East Indian Trade Company tea. The dumping of the tea was the best thing the colonists could do to boycott the new taxes. The colonists should be able to choose what tea they buy and not be forced to buy one type of tea. There were tons of people at the harbor cheering for the Sons of Liberty who were dumping the tea. This is a big event which helped unite the colonies, which I hope continues. A qoute that shows this is by Patrick Henry. He said "... I am not a Virginian, I'm an American!"


Josh Wingfield and Chris Jordan

Dear Editor,
The tea tax is a tax that raises taxes on tea except the East India company. During the Boston Tea Party the colonist jumped onto three east india ships and dumped 342 chest of tea into the Boston Harbor. They did this on December 16, 1773 in the middle of the day in the Boston Harbor with a big crowd of people cheering them on. Some of the the people dumping the tea were apart of the Sons of Liberty and some people dress up as indians. Since the colonist did this Britian put the intolerable acts on as a punishment.

Emilie Holland, Devin Craig

Do you like tea? Well so did the colonists before the Tea Act in 1773. The Tea Act was a big controversy between the colonists and the British because the colonists were getting taxed way more than the British. The colonists were taxed because the East India Trading Company was going under so the British decided to help them by lowering their taxes and raising the colonists' taxes. The colonists were so tired of paying these crazy taxes they started boycotting tea. Boycotting is when you don't buy that product. Some of the colonists were so mad they didn't think that boycotting was enough, so in 1773 the colonists poured all of the East India Trading Company's tea into the Boston Harbor in Boston, Massachusetts. This was called The Boston Tea Party. The colonists did this by dressing as Indians to represent the East India Trading Company, and ruining all of the company's tea. They did this to show that they were tired of paying higher taxes, and they wanted the British to know that by ruining the tea. I feel the colonists got their point across in a nonviolent way and it made the British listen.