Boston Massacre

Maddy + Chelsey

Dear Editor,

On March 5th, 1770, in Boston Massachusetts, five inocents including one African American, were shot by a group of Brittish soldiers after someone had shouted the word 'fire'. No one really knows exactly how the incident happened that day. This is what we, the colonists, call the "Boston Massacre", but the Brittish insist on calling it the "Boston Incident". It all started when people were forming a riot around the soldiers and throwing snowballs at them, but the soldiers told the court that they were throwing other (harder) things, such as rocks, clubs and some ice snowballs. During this, someone suddenly yelled "Fire", then many of the British soldiers shot because they said they thought it was their general. Though when someone yelled fire, many people rushed to water pumps in order to put out the fire that they thought was there (because back then all the buildings were made out of wood so if one goes they all go). Others say that they had heard the Captain yell "Fire" from behind the British Soldiers. During the trial in the court, six of the eight soldiers pleaded innocent. The other two soldiers were found guilty with proof of bullet evidence. With all of the evidence, it really is unknown as to whose fault the Boston Massacre really is, and if it really is a massacre at all.

Cj new and Elizabeth walker.

Dear editor,

About a week or so ago, on the night of March 15, 1770, the Boston Massacre took place. Five colonists were left dead. Three died on the spot, and the other two, days later. This is absurd what the British soldiers are capable of. Killing colonists just because they were throwing ice and snowballs! One of my good friends, John Wellwater, was killed. He was shot by one of the British soldiers. The soldiers were all in jail, but two of them were found guilty. The other British soldiers got to go back to their day job. That's insane! We can't let people who are willing to kill their own kind stay here in the colonies! England needs to be alerted of what happened and they need to get rid of these soldiers! The only reason they're here is to assure that we do not cross those treacherous mountains into OUR land. Goodness, this is ridiculous!

Please, publish this in your newspaper.

sincerely, Cj new and Elizabeth walker.

Taylor & Devan p.9

Dear editor,

Last night, on March 5th, the Boston Massacre happened. Colonists were throwing snow balls, ice, stones and sticks at the British soldiers. They were also taunting them by yelling "fire" and made the soldiers think General Preston was telling them to do it. The colonists say that General Preston was standing behind his men and telling them to fire, but the truth is he was in front of them the whole time and telling them not to fire. They were put on trial. Most of them had a fair trial but a few didn't. Two of the soldiers were claimed guilty because of the many colonists yelling fire at them. I think it's unfair that the colonists decided to treat the soldiers badly after everything they have done for them. The colonists are the ones who should be punished for their violence.

Kenton and Zach p.3

"Fire!" Gun shots sounded. Multiple colonists lied on the ground when the people began to scatter, one of which was the body of Crispus Attucks... the first black man to fight in the cause of the revolution. On the night of March 5, 1770, eleven colonists were shot by British soldiers in Boston. The colonists' mob was taunting the guard and throuwing things at him when someone shouted "fire". Some believe that they shouted this either because there was a fire in the town and they needed help putting it out, or that Captain Preston ordred that the soldiers fire to stop the colonists from throwing things at his soldiers. This was the first shooting of the colonist by the British that spurred on the anger that the colonists had towards the British, and may eventually lead to a major revolution between the two.external image new_pic6_med.jpg

Dear Editor:
We are going to be talking about the Boston Massacre! Just to start you off, it did start in the 1770, in Massachusetts. Was started by the British soldiers, and then be came unwelcomed.
As we talked about in the first paragraph the Boston Massacre in March 5, 177o in Massachusetts. It started becasue a Britich Soldier yelled fire, and guns were pulled, unforchanuty 5 men were killed. The people were begining to be furious and throwing sticks, stones, and snowballs. Colonist begain to call the incident the boston riot, or a street ight, but is called the Boston Massacre today. This rebellion made the colonist upset, and were now NOT on the British side.
If you were to ask if we were on the Colonies side or the British, it would have to be the the Colonist with no doubt about it. Why would we want to be on the side of the British when they were the people who started the fight? Exactly! The Colonist had no true idea what was going on, so if was a little suprise. I feel really bad for the 5 colonist that had died just because a British Solider yelled FIRE! I'm not really sure why the British would do such thing because they wanted the Colonist to be on there side.
The Sons of liberty actually had a start the the rally. Propaganda which is false info. and the Colonist were saying the British did it on perpose but it was an aciendent after someone yelled fire! The British really wanted the COlonist to be on there side and do by there way. The Colonist were begining to think they shouldn't be on the British side, but after the rally the new for sure they were going to be on the Colonist side and have nothing to do with the British.

Austin C, Austin P, P.9th
Why is it called the Boston Massacre when only three people got killed?

On March 27, the Boston Massacre which took place in Boston Massachusetts happened. What the Boston Massacre is where the colonists were protesting and were harming a solider and he called reinforcements and seven more soilders came. The colonist were throwing snowballs and clubs at the soliders and the soliders were staying calm. Then The colonist started shouting "Fire at us" so the soliders thought that their capitan said fire and they shot. Four Colonists were killed and and eight soliders where put on trial. When they were on trial John Adams helped get six soliders off trial but two were found guilty.