Daughters of Liberty

Ciera and Gage period 3

What would you do if you had to only buy from one store and you didn't like the way they taxed your favorite products? Well between 1760 and 1770 the British were taxing the colonies and the Sons and Daughters of Liberty knew how to make them stop taxing them. They knew just how to take care of it and hopefully get them to stop taxing everyone with ridiculous acts. The Sons of Liberty were very violent, but that is a whole other story. The Daughters of Liberty were a successful group that proved womens' involvement (not just the mens's involvement) in politics could be beneficial for the country. They knew how to take care of this problem without being violent. The Daughters would make their own products from the crops they grew and boycott the stores. They would stand outside the stores and make mean comments. This got to the people and made them think twice about what to buy. Then when the people wouldn't buy the goods the business wouldn't have any money. This would eventually put the store out of business.

Kaitlyn Dunham and dustin period 9

The Daughters of Liberty were a group of women in colonial America took a stand for their rights as well as the men. They also wanted a say in boycotting. So they started a group to state what they believed in, why they want to be like the men and start boycotting. A famous qoute that was in the boycotting was ''If attention is not paid to the ladies, we are determined to foment our own rebellion.'' - Abigal Adams THey felt that they aren't any different than the men. They boycotted by only using materials that are made in colonial America and they hand made all of their clothing that they wore. So this was there way of stating their freedom of boycotting like men.

Payton and Nick Period 3

Dear Colonials,

I think the Daughters of Liberty are women who wanted to reach up to mens rights so they made a second, non-violent version of Sons of Liberty. They made their own products so people would'nt have to support the British government. They boycott the government, and hitt them were it hurts..... (their wallets!) They wanted help with the resistance or protest in a non-violent way. They used traditional skills to weave yarn and wool into fabric known as "homespun". They made their own goods so they wouldn't have to support or buy from the goverment.


The Daughters of Liberty are a group of successful women from the colonies who displayed their patriotism by participating in boycotts of British goods. They boycotted goods, they helped with the Townshend Acts, and they helped with the Stamp Act. They made the Daughters of Liberty in 1765 in the Colonies. They made the group to make a peaceful version of the Sons of Liberty and to help them boycott all of the King's goods. Since they were boycotting the King they started to make their own goods. They didn't threaten people, they asked them to help boycott the King in a nice way hoping more people will help them.

Morgan Moffitt & Aaron Kindler 6th period

Dear Editor,
The daughters of Liberty were a successful colonial American group hat consisted of women who displayed their patriotism by participating in boycotts or British goods. It consisted of women of the American colonies. To do so, instead of buying wool, they weave cloth that could be used instead of British wool. Also, they dry raspberry leaves to make tea.

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Dear Editor,
We understand where both sides are coming from, and we think both of them are reasonalbe. The Daughters of liberty are trying to help out the colonize and they think they are right. They mafke there own clothing so they don't have to by englishes tax on clothes. The Daughters of liberty also help out the Sons of liberty by helping with the boycotts and encouaging other colonist who are still with England to boycott and stuff like that. The British are trying to make them understand that what they are doing is helping out the colonize and there home country. With the taxes is that if they pay teh extra few cents then they can go back to not having taxes and having Salutary neglect and be happy. They would also be the strongest county in the world but they just need to pay back there debt from the war.

Brookelynn Russell & Brett Topolewski Period 9

Dear Editor,
We are taking the colonial side for this issue. The taxes are the majority of what we don't agree with. Take the Tea Act for an example. When it was taxed, we didn't have any say, and we were forced to purchase East India Company's tea. The Tea Act is one of the reasons the Daughters of Liberty felt they needed protest. None of the colonists liked the new taxes, so the Daughters of Liberty were standing up for the colonists and their own rights.
The way the Daughters of Liberty are protesting is by making evrything homemade, instead of buying British goods. For example, the Daughters of Liberty made cloth, and their clothes from wool. They also dried out rasberry leaves to make their own tea. We believe this boycott can be stopped by taking all of the taxes off of the items that are being taxed.
Brookelynn Russell, and Brett Topolewski