Sons of Liberty

Hannah and Becky Period 3

Patriots or Terrorists?

In the early summer of 1765, a group of men joined together and called themselves the Son's of Liberty. The group protested against the Stamp Act, which was a tax on any printed matter. This tax was issued by Parliament without representation. This made the colonists mad because they had no say in the taxes that they were paying. Over time, the Son's of Liberty grew to over 2,000 men and it was present in all 13 colonies but most members were in Boston. The group conducted secret meetings to plan protests about having to pay the tax. The Son's of Liberty were a very violent group of men, they had raids, vandalized buildings, rose violent mobs, and they tarred and feathered stamp collectors to show how strongly they believed in their cause. If anyone supported the British, then they were an enemy of the Son's. Then the Sons would even attack their friends and family for just knowing a person who sided with the British. As John Hancock (a member of The Son's of Liberty) was signing the Declaration of Independence he said, "There! His Majesty can now read my name without glasses. And he can double the reward on my head."

Doree Schwarz ! P.6

Dear Editor,

The Sons of Liberty is a group of men who protests taxes. They would tar and feather the tax collectors, and carry them on a stick around the town. They also caught the Gaspee on fire and were cheering while they watched it burn down. I think they did these things only to protest the taxes, and I think its okay that they do it. I don't think they should nessesarily hurt the people though.

Sierra figley, daniel hay, jacob jones p9

 The Sons of Liberty were made of nine people called " The Loyal Nine". These people were average people like Artisans, Shopkeepers, and Gazette writers and printers. The Sons of liberty joined together in the summer of 1765 in Boston, Massachusetts. The Loyal Nine assembled to put forth a more violet rebellion against the British. This rebellion was because of the Stamp Act, which the loyal nine put forth an effort to be patriotic terrorists. They would intimidate people, pour hot tar and feathers on them, and pour burning tea down peoples throats....sometimes resulting in death. The sons of liberty grew to be over 2000 people. This group started with nine people, and these people were Benjamin Edes, John Gill, Samuel Adams, John Adams, John Hancock, John Lamb, Alexander McDougall, and James Otis. The first action they took was the hanging of Andrew Oliver, who was going to become the new stamp distributer, and the tree they hung him from is now called the "Liberty Tree." The group was formed in the most tortured city in all of the 13 colonies, Boston. This turned out to be a lose-lose situation because it solved nothing and several people got hurt, killed from infection, or hung. Both the British and the colonists handled the situation the wrong way.

TRAVIS ANDON!!! ,zack wick
What is going on in those colonies! a group of "rebels" are terrorizing workers of the crown! Im a tax collector and i can't go in the town square without armed soldiers! Were supposed to be ruleing this land not letting it fall apart like this! Why are these dogs or as they refer to them self as the sons of liberty getting away with this stuff. Every worker of the crown that i have i have spoken with is stricken with fear that they will be tared and feathered. I fear that if we can't control them it will lead to a revolution

Trevor P.8!

Dear Editor,

In Boston in early summer of 1765 a group of shopkeepers and artisans who called themselves The Loyal Nine, began preparing for actions against the Stamp Act. As that group grew, it came to be known as the sons of libery. And grow it did! These were not the leading men of Boston, but rather workers and tradesmen. It was unseemly that they would be so agitated by a government act. they could not afford to be too closely associated with violence, neither could the Sons of Liberty afford much exposure. However, among the members were two men who could generate much public showboat about the Act. Benjamin Edes, a printer, and John Gill of the news paper produced a steady stream of news and opinion.Also known as propoganda. Within a very short time a group of some 2,000 men had been organized under a South Boston shoemaker in Boston. I say that the sons of libery are right for what they are doing and should be treated as heros.They have influenced are revolt on the english so americans could be born. They should lead the soon to be county in my opinion on its road to birth. 400px-Sons_of_Liberty_Broadside,_1765.jpgsonsfire.jpg

Austin C, Austin P P.9

Dear Editor,

Even though some people think they are terroist i think there Patroits. I think the Sons of Libretty are Patroits because i dont feel like the taxes were right. I think it is rediculas because i dont think the colonists should have to pay for taxes because England helped us win the war. I think it should be a requierment for our mother country to watch over us. What i dont agree with is some of the voilent things they did. I also think that the Boston Tea Party was a good thing because it finally lead to the repealing of the tea tax and finally lead to the repealing all the other taxes. But when they burned HMS Gaspee I would have collected some of the taxes not burned it all. But i understand the reason they burned all the money and one of ther slogans they went by is "no taxation without repensitation." All though I am taking the colonial side I feel bad for the British tax colectors because of what the Sons Of Libertty did to them.