Committees of Correspondence

Kaylyn, Caleb and Alyssa! p.3

In March of 1773 Dabney Carr (29) adressed the House and suggested the establishment of the Committee of Correspondence. This Committee is a way to help communication within the colonies. Also, this will help keep the colonies unified too. This Committee is represented by the leading men of each colony, it is getting just as dramatic as the Boston Port Bill! The Committee helped to coordinate the colonies in action against the British. Many committees are formed by the legislators of the respective colonies, and other committees are formed by the Sons of Liberty.

Kenton and Zach period.3
From 1772-1774, us colonists have been thinking of a way to unite against Britain and eventually break free from them completely. Dabney Carr suggested a great idea to the House of Burgesses called the Committees of Correspondence. This would envolve all of the other colonies joining us in Virginia to coordinate the colonies in action against the British. In this way, all of the colonies can communicate together and work together to fight against the British. The leaders of each of the colonies will be the main people in the committees.

Brooke Pena & Corey Fenton Pd.6

Dear Editor,

We are done! Us colonists have to find a way to gain representation from Britain and break free from all of these taxes and bad treatment. The British only do this because they need money for their debt from the French and Indian War. What about our colonies? We need money to benefit our land too. Their not getting taxed, so why tax us? So we thank Dabney Carr for making the Committees of Correspondence. He's going to figure out a way to change all of this and save the colonies. The Committees of Correspondence are the shadows of all of the governments and what they have done for us. Hopefully, this works and we can rebel on the British.


Corey & Brooke

Urbana, Ohio

Kathlein L. and Becky F. Period Eight
Dear Editor:
Finally! We FINALLY have someone to keep all of the colonists informed! The Commities of Correspondence is an amazing idea, because a different amount of people throughout all of the colonies communicate with each other to find out what we need to do to take part in defeating Britian. but the best part is.... we don't really have to do any of the work! The Commitees of Correspondence go to all of the meetings, write all of the letters, and print/publish all of the newspapers so we don't have to. they are the best thing that could happen to us. They are keeping all of the work legal, which is more safe, and they are still getting all of the colonies' point across! Kind of like the perfect cup of tea. If you don't have enough sugar, it won't taste sweet enough. This also means that if we try and boycott against Enland, and we don't have the right amount of people participating in it, because they don't know about it, then Britian won't care, because they aren't losing any money! And if Revolution is in the air,then we need someone to keep us informed, so we can stay safe, and be able to protect our families.
Kathlein and Becky

Caitlin Fannin, Kearstin Allison

The Committees of Correspondence were created in 1772 in Massachusetts to keep colonists informed of British anti-colonial actions and planned colonial resistance. They provided leadership and aided intercolonial cooperation. The groups were appointed by legislatures. "Then join hand and hand, brace Americans all! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall." -Liberty Song of 1768

Dustin and Kaitlyn Period 9

Dear Editor,
We as the supporters of the colonists would like to inform you of your misdeeds as a government. The Shadow governments organized by the patriot leaders of the thirteen colonies examine merchant records and published the names of merchants who tried to defy the boycott by importing British goods, and speaking of the committee of correspondence which was formed during the times 1774 through 1775. Which was located in Britain and the thirteen colonies. This all occured because the government was forming legislatives without agreements. What the committe would do is, they would have the colonists protest and they spread information to the colonists, they would also exchange letters behalf of the committe about colonial affairs. I hereby wish to spread more of the information about these ways. and again the misdeeds of the government.