Intolerable Acts (Coercive Acts)

Josh Wingfield & Chris Jordan
The british parliment has just created the intolerable acts on the colonies for retalation from the colonies.The intolerable acts are four puninitive measures enacted by the british pariliment in retalation forr acts of colonial defiance. They created it in 1774 by the british parliment. One of the main reasons the british parliment created this act was to be more strict on the colonies and to make sure Britian is the only country to do stuff for the colonies. They also wanted the colonies to not trade there finished goods with other countrys

Cj new and Elizabeth Walker.
The intolerable acts was the name used to describe five specific laws that passed the british parliment. This happened in the year 1774. After the seven years war, England was Majorly in debt, so, they passed laws to tax the colonist. The taxes were called acts. The five acts were The Boston Port Act, The massachusetts goverment act, The administration of justice act, The Quartering act and the Quebec act. These all angered the colonist becuase it made them feel that they didn't have any rights. They viewed this as a threat

Madalyn Sparks, Chesley Copas

British Government vs The Colonies

Dear Editor,

Do you think it’s fair that the government is trying to make laws without our, the colonists, consent? Well, I for one, don’t. The Intolerable Acts consist of the five acts (although four of them were brought about because of the rebellion against the Tea Act): The Administration of Justice Act; for the administration of justice in the cases of persons questioned by for any acts done by them in the execution of the law, The Quartering Act; law that states that you have to pay a tax and house and feed the soldiers, Boston Port Act; act of the Parliament of Great Britain, closed the ports of Boston until colonists paid for the destroyed tea, Quebec Act; for making effectual provision for the government of the province of Quebec, and the Massachusetts Act; an act for the better regulating of the government of the province of Massachusetts Bay. The Administration of Justice Act; I get why they would want justice for the people who did the wrong, but why can’t they arrest the governors to? The Quartering Act; I also get why they want to be paid for the soldiers, because they’re protecting us, but we didn’t ask them to! We didn't ask for people to invade our houses. So the question is, "why should we have to pay a large tax for something that we have no part in?". Whatever happened to 'no taxation without representation'? Boston Port Act; I see why they're mad about the tea and how we destroyed it, but we did it for a reason. They were taxing us for no apparent reason, we didn't like it, so bye-bye tea. So why would the government be expecting us to pay for something that we didn't want to pay for in the first place. We can find other ports. Quebec Act; I see how they want to protect us from the Natives, but we need more land! We are growing colonies and we are only going to get bigger. Massachusetts Act; This one is the one that is bugging us all. I don't get it. The government closes all the ports and stops ships from coming in with the goods that we need, unless we let them check ours ships and to what extent? We are sick of it, especially me. So I guess what i'm trying to get at is the British governement needs to change their ways or we're not going to change ours.


Maddy Sparks, Urbana, Ohio

Doree Schwarz & Juan Ibarra

Dear Editor,

Do you think it's right that the government is making laws without us ,the colonists', consent? The Intolerable Acts consists of five laws sponsored by the British Prime Minister Lord North. The colonials needed money to survive but the British were still taxing them because of the French and Indian War. They thought this what unfair because they didnt have any representation. "And it hath accordingly happend that an open resistance to the execution of the laws has acually taken place in theh town of Boston." (Annonymous). The Intolerable Acts where made to clamp down in resistance in other colonies. I personaly don't think that they should of used theats or boycotted. They also shouldn't have drew political cartoon pictures.


Dear Editor,

The intolerable acts are series of laws sponsored by British prime minister.They were a series of laws because King George wanted to punish to colonist and he does that so they can not protest anymore.
Brookelynn Russell, & Brett Topolewski
Dear Editor,
The Intolerabe Acts is a terrible new law that is passed in Boston. The Intolerable Acts are a series of laws sponsered by the Brittish primeminister Lord North. These acts are triggering outrage and resistance in the Thirteen Colonies. The colonists are being treated unfairly, for an unreasonable action. These Acts were the harshest so far of all the Acts passed by the Parliament.
The closing of Boston's port alone would cost the colony a ton of money. The Regulating Act was aimed at cutting short revolutionary activities. The Quartering Act angered colonists who didn't want soldiers in their houses. And the Quebec Act was a direct insult to Americans, who had been denied the same sorts of rights that the Quebec residents now got. The reasoning of the laws being passed, was for critical punishment from the Boston Tea Party. Therefore, in my opinion the Intolerable Acts are truly a dreaded thing to us all.

Brookelynn Russell, and Brett Topolewski
Urbana, Ohio