Townshend Acts

Taylor & Devan

Champagne Charlie's acts are being repealed! Charles Townshend, also know as "Champane Charlie", helped create the Townshend Acts. The Townshend Acts is a series of laws written by the parliament of Great Britian. This is happening in the British Colonies in 1767. This act was designed to collect revenue from colonists. This Act put customs and duties on imports of glass, lead, paints, paper and tea. There were bad reactions to this act. Colonists started boycotting english goods, started smuggling, and refused to pay the tax. The Towshend Acts eventually get repealed because English merchants are being affected by the loss of revenue. Tea is the only thing that is still being taxed.

Morgan Moffitt & Aaron Kindler

Townshend Acts are placed duties on numerous imports to the colonists such as glass, paper, paint, lead, and tea. Charles Townshend "approves of our taxing the colonies so as to provide for their own safety and preservation". Its purpose was to provide salaries for some colonial officials so that the provincial assemblies could not coerce them by them withholding wages. It happened around 1776. It included the British and American colonies. Americans were mad and protested and they became violent. Then they started taxing luxeries. And they started passing many more laws. So they have people to go and make sure that American colonists are paying taxes.

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Nick and payton

The Townshend acts were a series of laws. In 1767, the British created the townshend acts. Charles Townshend, stated that he too "approved of British taxing the Colonies so as to provide for their own safety and preservation..."

Brooke Pena & Corey Fenton Pd.6

Dear Editor,

Why do the British want our money? I mean, I understand where they are coming from- they want a lot of money to benefit their country and the French and Indian War. I would do the same for my country, but I wouldn't just tax the colonists. I would tax everybody, including the colonists. I want everything to be fair among all countries. The British do have more money than the colonists, although the colonists do fight for their rights to do what is fair to them. Also, the colonists believe that the Townshend Act threatens their rights. For instance, one of their natural rights is that they believe they should be able to do anything the British are able to do in Great Britain, and they think they should all be treated equally. I'm not picking sides because I believe that you should do something to benefit your country, but I also think that anybody from any country should be taxed including the British in Great Britain.


Brooke Pena & Corey Fenton

Urbana, Ohio

Dear Editor,

The newly enforced Townshend Acts made by the Parliament of Great Britain and named after Charles Townshend are a series of laws including the Stamp Act and Sugar Act. They also taxed paper, paint, lead, glass, and tea. This is upsetting because the colonists don't have the money to pay off the taxes.

Dear Editor,
I think we should take the colonsts side because i dont think they should be taxed for something England did. The only reason that they made theses townshend acts is because there in debt. I Think we shouldnt be taxed because it might put us in debt. We need to start a revolt on the house of the commons. We also need to boycott glass, lead, paint, paper,and tea. We need to have the sons of liberty keep trying to persuade people. Thank you for your time and please write me back. I think we should follow the senate said " No taxation without repsentation."
Austin,s 9th period