Revolution Is In The Air- What Can We Expect?

(Hint: Define revolution, why would one happen, what typically happens during one?)

Alyssa Beavers, Caleb Honore, Kaylyn Boldman period 3

A revolution is an overthrow of government, a fundemental change in power that takes place in a short period of time or a complete change in a constitution. There are many reasons why this happened in America and England. John Locke said that revolution was allowed! Between 1700 and 1800 the English Bill Of Rights weren't getting used on American colonists. Also, taxation without representation was happening. This could eventually trigger a revolution. A revolution is when there is a disagreement between two sides. Both sides might eventually fight to see who wins. Many people are scared of revolution because lots of people die from it. One example of a revolution is when people thought King James was making an absolute monarchy again. William and Mary invaded with a 40,000 man fleet, and James's army deserted him. This is known as the bloodless revolt. The Great Awakening was a revolution in itself. They got people excited about religion again and refocused on personal faiths and beliefs. Revolution was only allowed if the government wasn't following through with its side of the social contract. The social contract is the invisible agreement where the government protects your life, liberty, and property. In the future more revolution might start to happen if the government does not follow the contract. So everyone needs to be prepared for this to happen.

Ciera and Gage 3rd period
Lets say that you dont like someone that is controlling you. You dont like that because you like to do what you want to do and dont like to be told what to do. So eventually you want tell them that you dont want them contolling you and to leave you alone. Well that is whats kinda hapening in the revolution. Between 1775 and 1783 the British was trying to controll the 13 colonies . They didnt like that and so they fought back. So they eventually thought they would go into war. If the 13 colonies won then they would be free to make their own rules and go back to what they were doing. If they were to loose then the British would take over them and controll the 13 colonies.
A rvolution is a fundamental change in power or organizational structers that take place in a relatively sort period of time. The British and the colonists possiblely made up the revolution. It was from 1775 and 1783 and it happened in the 13 colonies. It might turn into a revolution because the British are goin to start to make rules that the colonies probabially wont like. So they will fight them off and hope that they win so they will have their freedom.The British wasnt so much making rules at the beginning and now they are going to start making rules. The 13 colonies dont want that and so they will fight for their freedom.


Doree Schwarz, Juan Ibarra 6th period.

A revolution is in the air! Revolution means an overthrow or the thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed. There are many reasons for a revolution in the 13 colonies. People in the colonies are thinking about revolution, because England is taxing people too much. England also does not give the people all of their rights, and John Locke says, " A revolution could start when a government doesn't give people their rights." The people want their rights, so that is also another reason they want to start a revolution. But how can they do it? They could defeat England so England would give them their rights, or maybe they will defeat and try to seperate from England. When will it start ? It's 1775 now, so how long would it last? In the future more revolution might start if the government doesn't start following through with their promises.

Savanaha Fraley, Kris Hamilton 8th period
´╗┐Salutary neglect was the policy that England used for the American colonies which allowed the colonies for the most part to govern themselves but, after the French and Indian war, England needed to cover their debt that accumulated from the war. So they started to pass acts to raise taxes and conserve more. The colonies did not apprectiate the sudden change in England's policy even though the changes weren't that significant the colonists were unhappy with England. Salutary neglect had worked fine for the colonies up to that point. The colonies would produce raw materials for England and England made a profit by manufacturing the raw materials the colonies sent them . Also it was not practical for England to try to rule the colonies from over three-thousand miles away.

Jacob Jones, Daniel Hay, Sierra Figley

There might be a revolution coming in our future. A revolution is a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place in a relatively short period of time. A revolution is potentially the overthrowing of a government. The reason that a revolution might start is because the government is not fulfilling their part of the contract. This social contract is invisible, and the government is supposed to protect its people's rights: life, liberty, and property. The colonists aren't getting their rights. A reason a revolution could start is because the colonists are not getting the proper rights they earned. A revolution might cause war, famine, changes in the government, the economy to sour, and hardships. Positive results might be a whole new country for ourselves, freedoms guaranteed, and a government that follows the social contract.


Morgan Moffitt & Aaron Kindler
Revolution is in the air! What can we expect? Well a revolution is a major change that takes place over a short period of time. It could start because of King George III taxing the colonists unfairly, and trying to rule them from England, and the colonists wouldn't like it. It also could start due to the fact that the British government held a tyrannical rule over the American people. It could happen in the thirteen colonies. It would happen between 1700 to 1800. Many people didn't like a revolution, because a lot of people can die from it. It would be a bad thing to do, if you didn't have that many people on your side though. It is a good thing, because you would get a government that would actually listen to you. More revolutions may start if the government doesn't do what they said they were going to do.

Trevor Thomas Period 8..

American Revolutionary War began as a war between England and the 13 Colonies in The Americas, and concluded in a war between several European countries.The war was the culmination of the political American Revolution, while many of the colonists rejected the taxes and un-neaded laws of England to govern them without representation, claiming that this violated their rights. This war lead to the 13 colonies being able to become their own nation which is now The United States of American. At the time, England was the most powerful country in the world. So in several ways they had many advantages over the Colonies. But in the end, the colonies united strongly and defeated England, becoming its own Nation.300px-Declaration_independence.jpg

Kaitlyn Dunham and Dustin Jenks Period 9

The Americans wanted freedom from the British in 1773-1783. The Fighters consisted of colonists and British. British didnn't want to give too much power so they still could have control.If your government was being a pain, would you start a revolution? The colonist and the British were the ones to be involved in this revolution. America wanted freedom from Britian. This revolution took place from 1773-1783. This war took place in England. This started from Britian didnt want to give America any more power than what they had alrady had Because they still wanted to have more power than what they had. How it started by was the americans wanted to be free from Britian but Britian did'nt want to give them any more power than what they have so they could say what they can and can't do in the Americas.