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Why should the colonists get free protection and supplies from us when we are the ones that are doing all of the work? For years now Britain has been supplying the colonists with everything that they have asked for. Now that we make some taxes and laws to enforce the payment that we should have been receiving anyway, they act like we are destroying all of their rights. We tried to give them some freedom with self-government, but they took it too far and tried to completely break away from England. Without us they never would have even seen America. All of the taxes that we are enforcing are to pay for the protection that we gave to THEM! Without this protection, the French would have eventually taken over all of America and all of the colonists and England's hard work would have gone straight down the tubes. If that happened then America would not have the future that we hope that it will have under British rule. sugar_photos.jpg

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It's our money, not theirs!

The British don't get along with us colonists at all. They think that we have to pay more tax on the certain things we buy in Great Britain- just because we don't have their religion. We try to protest against this thing the call "The Sugar Act" created by the English Parliament as much as we can. We say "No taxation without representation!" This act threatens our natural rights, took away our right to jury, and it effects our colonies. It has been going on for a very long time; since April 5th, 1774. They only do it because they want their products to be more expensive, so that they can get more money in their country, and to benifit their country for the French and Indian War.

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The Sugar Act of 1664, also known as the American Revenue Act or the American Duties Act, was a revenue act passed by parliament of Great Britain that was set out to tax the colonists of the new world for Molasses, Coffee, and Sugar when they could receive the wanted needs from France for a lower price. This made the colonist very angry because they had no representation in the issue of the Sugar Act and also they were the ones who harvested the raw resources so they should be able to get them at a much lower price. The act stated, "it is expedient that new provisions and regulations should be established for improving the revenue of this Kingdom and it is just and necessary that a revenue should be raised for defraying the expenses of defending, protecting, and securing the same." The way we look at it is all the Kingdom wanted was more money, because they used much of their wealth in The French And Indian War. Through all the time leading up until now, the Kingdom of Great Britain were using the colonies for money.They did not care about the economic state of being that the colonies were in.

Austin Curtis, Austin pitts, period 9th

Why are the colonies boycotting English sugar?

Today is April 6, 1764 and yesterday the sugar act was passed. It was passed by the parliament because we the colonists need to help pay off Englands debt. We need to boycott so we dont go into debt.

I don't think that we should have to pay because of something that is Britain's fault. The French and Indian War debts are theirs not ours. They also did this so people will stop buying our sugar and give them more power. It is important that new provisions and regulations should be established for improving the revenue of this Kingdom and it is just and necessary that a revenue should be raised for giving the expenses of defending. Just like the stamp act congress said" no taxation without representation."

Devin Craig, Emilie Holland
Dear Editor,
I have strong feelings about the Sugar Act of 1764. I think that the Sugar Act is both good and bad for the 13 colonies. I feel the Colonist have a reason to be mad at the British and the British have good reasons to raise the taxes. Although i feel bad for the colonist and there lose of money the money they are loseing is going towards helping them. The Colonist are mad at the British because they are raiseing the taxes on pretty much every good that they have(sugar, molasses, and any shiped goods in and out of the 13 colonies). The colonist are now not getting all the money they should receive because when people try to find a better buy they will go for the cheepest which is in Britain. The extra money thet the British are getting is going towards the protection of the colonist which they deeply need. Strong feelings about the Sugar Act in a positive and negitive prospective. I Recomend that the colonist just be happy about the protection that the British are trying to supply for them.

Jason Brightman,Tristan Atchison
Dear Editor,
We, the colonists shalt not be taxed without representation because, it is in our Bill of Rights. We should not have to buy stuff from the mother country because they are having a hard time in the war they started. We should be able to buy any foreign goods that we want because we have The Bill of Rights that states : "No taxtation without representation". The Sugar Act is a three pence tax on products that contained foreign refined sugar. Jason b tristan A

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Dear Editor,

The colonists are extremely concerened about the problem at hand. The British Parliament has decided to put a tax on sugar so, we could help pay for their debt. This tax costs us three cents more for our purchase of foreign sugar. They also raised the tax on coffee,indigo, and specific types of wines. Such acts was to help cut down on smuggling with the colonies and the West Indies, and for England to gain control over it's area of reign. The British Parliament should not have put a tax on the colonists without their consent. We are joining with the colonists on this particular matter because we believe it is wrong for the British to force the colonists to suffer for their problems. On the other hand if we look back at the beginning of the wrangle, the British were the ones to make the unfair decision to force the colonists to have cruel treatment so, technically the British started the whole fight. In the beginning the British and the colonists were getting along and then the British had the burden of a debt so, they took control and, like traders, they turned on the colonists. The British took so much control that they left ten-thousand soldiers in the colonies to enforce their laws when the colonies used to have self-government. So as the colonists non-violant rebeling they went around chanting "no taxation without representation."


Daniel hay, Sierra figley,

and Jacob jones

Urbana, Ohio