Quartering Act 1764

Chelsey & Maddy

The British Government created the quartering acts/ housing acts. These acts were created by parliament requiring colonial legislation to provide money, supplies, and housing for troops. The British soldiers were at war and needed protection and help. This all happened between 1760-1770. People resisted this act, and didn't want to house soldiers and all their equipment they carried along with their guns. The soldiers could come in and search through the colonists' stuff to look for smuggled things. They could trash their home and belongings. These people were very mad because, they had to use their money and food on people they didn't know. They only wanted to use this stuff on their family, not on strangers.

Families are complaining about how soldiers are stealing things, going through their stuff, and not picking it up. The people thought the soldiers coming in to their house and staying there was unfair because they didn't have any privacy. The issue is if colonists don't house the soldiers, protection from the natives will not be guaranteed.external image britsol11.gif

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Sierra Figley, Daniel Hay, Jacob Jones; Period 9

The British Parliament created the Quartering Act to house British soldiers during the war. The act lasted between 1763-1765. The parliament sent over 10,000 soldiers to enforce British acts and laws on the colonists. The housing costs for the soldiers was too expensive and the British were already in debt, and didn't have the money. To make up for the lack of money they forced the colonists to give up their food and houses at random times. The soldiers would come into colonists houses at any hour and force them to let them stay over night and feed them, or they would threaten them with force. The reason that the British parliament were putting acts on the colonists was so that, they could get money from the colonists and pay off their debt. It comes to show that the British weren't just taking their money but their homes and food.

Hannah and Becky Period 3

Dear Editor:

The British have introduced the Quartering Act in 1764 as a solution to the housing problem of soldiers in the 13 colonies. The soldiers need a place to stay when they are in the colonies but they don't have the money. The act allows the soldiers to stay with the colonists instead of spending money to rent rooms in taverns and inns. I think that this is a good idea because if the colonists want protection then they should have to help the soldiers as a thanks.

After the French and Indian war, Britain has been low in funds. The colonists are wanting soldiers to protect them from any indian attacks and to cut exspenses, the soldiers are supposed to stay with the colonists. They should be given beeding, cooking utensils, cider, and candles. They aren't asking to take all your food and kick you out into the street.

The soldiers only need somewhere to stay so why are the colonies unhappy about letting them stay in their houses? The colonists think this is an intrusion of privacy but you should honor those who are fighting to protect you. I think the colonies should let the soldiers stay because they still need to eat and sleep. Wouldn't you let someone who was fighting for your life stay in your house for a few nights?


Hannah Preston and Becky Fahl

Urbana, Ohio

Michelle Boysel & Jayveon Scott

Dear Editor:

The Quartering Act has been introduced in order to make homes for British Soldiers. According to the Quartering Act, each soldier in the British army must have somewhere to sleep and supplies: food, a candle, a bed, etc. Since England doesn't have enough money to provide housing and supplies, the colonists must provide these items for them. I do not think the Quartering Act is a reasonable plan.

Any soldier can go to any colonist's house and the residents of that house must provide food and shelter for those soldiers. Even if you are a colonist who is very poor and barely has enough food for themselves you are still required to give the food you have to those soldiers. Suppose you have children; what if the soldiers took all of your food and you could not even feed the ones you love the most?

Why do we have these soldiers anyway? Well, England wants to make sure the colonists are not moving across the Appalachian Mountains and smuggling goods. England won the war, the territory is now ours, so we should have a right to live in the land we fought for. They are also taxing the colonists so much money that they feel smuggling goods is their only option. They are only causing more stress among the colonists. Why should we provide these soldiers with a home and food when we do not even need them?


Michelle and Jayveon

Urbana, Ohio

Dear Editor,

The quatering act is when soilders need to have homes, so they go in to random peoples houses (in the colonies) and tell them they are going to stay there for as long as they want. This is not fair for the colonists because, they have to supply every thing for them such as; food, shelter, and a clean home. But the British are required to have a home during this time, so they pretty much have to do this. The soilders cant have their own homes because they do no thave enough money or time to build these new homes. Even though the Colonists dont have very much money they still have to supply food for the soilders, people think that this is unfair, when realy it is fair, because the soilders are fighting for them so the colonists can do somthing for the soilders, all the colonists are doing is feeding them but the soilders are fighting for them.....


Brooke L. and Joe H.

Urbana, Ohio