The British Struggle With Many Problems That Come With A Continent and Look To The Colonists For (tax) Revenue and Cost Savings
(Hint: Why are the British struggling to control continent, what issues are they dealing with, what problems do the British have after the French and Indian War, what taxes do they put in place to deal with their debt?)

Kenton and Zach period 3

How did you or would you feel if your parents decided to move without letting you have a say in it? In a way that's exactly what the British did. After the French and Indian War, England was in debt and in serious need of some money. They thought us colonists had been getting a free ride off of them and they were sick of it. We colonists had continued to get around most of the taxes that they had set for us. We were also getting free protection from the British and the British were tired of paying for it. So, without even consulting the colonies, the British imposed new taxes on the supplies that they provided us with (quartering act, and the Stamp act). This made most of us very angry and we believe that our rights are being slowly taken away from us. Most of us now want to completely break free from the rule of the British. These taxes have lead to many acts of rebellion by colonists and there will be more problems ahead. We hope that soon, we will able to find the answer to breaking free from British rule. The British just assume the stamp act, Quartering act, and the Navigation act are all going to help with The British debt. But with everyone getting mad and refusing to pay and follow the rules how will it help ? Everyone is just wasting their time.

Stamp Act Teapot
Stamp Act Teapot
Stamp Act: taxing colonists for there paper praduts and ect. external image colonies.jpgNavigation Acts Staying to the right of the Appilation Mountianexternal image image012.jpg
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"They want our money and we need it now!" The British started taxing the colonists with the Stamp and Sugar Act in 1764. The British did that by raising the the colonist taxes and lowering the British taxes. The British did this because they were in debt because of the French and Indian war. They spent so much money on the war they needed more money to use to protect the 13 colonies. The next year the British signed a treaty with the Native Americans saying that the colonists will no longer cross the Appalachian Mountians. The colonists disliked this treaty because many wanted to settle in the Native territory. This treaty was so important because the British were so tired of the wars with the Natives they finally wanted peace. The British got so mad that the colonists were breaking this treaty because they finally had the peace that they wanted and they didn't want anyone to get in the way of that.

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