FBritish Defeat the French and Indians!
(Hint: Causes and events during the French and Indian War)
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It was between 1756 and 1763. The land between the French and the British bordered each other and they didn't like that. So this was a huge deal because the English kept moving west and the Indians traded fur. That was the main source of trade and the English didn't like that. This went into a huge fight and then that led to the French and Indian war. This fight was called the French and Indian war. It was a series of wars between the British and French. There were many countries involved: the British, French, Spanish, Indians, and the Colonists. Spain and most Indians went to the French side. The colonists weren't involved much. So the British was left without help, but the military generals knew what they were doing. The Indians join in at the beginning and they aren't doing so well. So towards the end when they are really losing Spain joins in to try to help but it is already to late. They would have ended up losing anyways even if Spain did join in.

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See this line? This half of the desk is yours....this half is mine. Do not cross it!

This was how the French and English felt towards one another. French and English had land that bordered each other. The English Colonists want to move west, in to French and Indian land causing much conflict between the two. A war has already started against England and France. The French set up Fort Duquesne while the English step a much smaller fort named Fort Necessity. A British general, George Washington surrendered to the French and the French and Indian War officially started.

When the war started, the French and Indians wanted the English to stay east. They team up and fight against the British. Many tribes became allies with the French while only one tribe teamed with the English. The Spanish, towards the end, thought that the French had a better chance of winning. English secretly closed in on the French and won the war.external image moz-screenshot-1.jpg

Dear Editor,the british went into debt,French kicked out america.Indians didn't like britian, british got the right to keep most of North America.Britian started taxting the colonies.When there was no communication but wrighting letter's they needed stamp's so the british made stamp's.The colonies made there owne stamp's so they didn't have to pay for the taxt and the they put taxt on it.This happend in the 1760s. It happend in Europe.

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The French and Indian war is being fought right now. This war is being fought over colonist and french borders and also trade between them. The war began in 1754 and ended in 1763 with the British winning over France. One of the reasons the war started was because the British didn't like the colonists trading with the French and going out west to expand their land. When the war first started the British set up forts around the Appalachian Mountains and up by Quebec. The British owned one of the worst armies at the start of the war but the came back and took over the French capital city Quebec and won the war.General_Wofle.jpg