Attempted Albany Plan to Bring Unity, Colonies Not Quite Ready Yet
(Hint: Albany Plan was attempted by Ben Franklin during the French and Indian War)

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If they could join together then they could make better choices. In 1754, Benjamin Franklin proposed a plan to unify the colonies during the French and Indian war. This was called the Albany Plan. This plan was created so the colonies would know what was happening around them and they can make major decisions together. If this plan was approved, each colony will have an elected president and they will send 2-7 delegates to the Grand Council. They would discuss anything that dealt with the French and Indian war and report back to their colony. This idea was rejected because the colonies weren't ready to give up the power that they have. They wanted to be able to make their own decisions without asking someone else first. The individual colonies wouldn't be able to make decisions by themselves, they would have to go to the Grand Council and get approval.

The meeting for the Albany Plan took place in Albany giving it its name the idea of the colonies having their own branch of government was something the British would opposed because of the tension between the colonists this would have given the colonists the power to be self sufficent and the British did not want to give the colonists any more authority. If the colonists had decided to use this idea then they would have been able to raise ther own troops and govern themselves for the most part.

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Joining together can help make us stronger but, we will lose our individual power. Ben Franklin made a plan to to join all the colonies together to make major decisions. This proposal was called the Albany Plan. In this plan representatives from each colony would go to a Grand Council. The Grand Council would raise armies, collect taxes, and make treaties. This sounds like a great idea, right? However, none of the colonies would be able to make decisions by themselves. Every time they would want to make a decision they would have to send there representative to the Grand Council and present the idea to them. It would not guarantee that the idea would pass either. This plan would have brought the colonies together to form a common identity, but the did not want to give up their power and did not want to ask someone else before making a decision. Its either join together or die separately.


Dear Editor:

If your wondering what Albany Plan is, were here to tell you all about it. Not only will we be taking the side of the British in our issue, where also going to take a colonial point of view. Therefore, neutral sides. To just give up a little information this plan did start is New York, 1754, but it didn't pass.

The Albany Plan started in 1754 in Albany, New York, during the French and Indian War. To start off the people that were in the Albany Plan were the 13 Colonies. The Albany Plan was attempted by Ben Franklin, but of course, didn't pass. The whole idea was to have each colony send representatives to a Grand Council. The Council would collect taxes, raise armies, and make treaties. The reasoning for the Plan not passing was because the Legiaslators did not like the idea of having people take their power or contol. If you were to ask which side we would take, it would be neutral because if we were to take side on the British, it would't necessary make sense to me. Let me explain! The British make up part of the Colonies, and the Colonies were the one's senting representative to Grand Council. So we decided to stay neutral because of the British and Colonies both taking part in the plan.

As a result, to sum up all the information about the Albany Plan, just remember it did start in Albany , New York in 1753-1763 and the plan didn't pass. Also the Albany Plan was written by Ben Franklin for each colony to send Representatives to Grand council. Ben Franklin thought that if he came up with this plan, and it passed that iit would bring all the Colonies togeter as one. If all the colonies were brought together as one, they could all unite, and bring all the Colonies together to fight off other enimies. To join or die refers to you either join the Albany Plan and come as one, or don't agree with the Plan and not be one and in a way.

Sincerely, Aubrey Norris & Vanessa Lynn! (:

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