Colonial Postal Service- Post Riders Spreading News and Uniting the Colonists
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The Colonial Postal Service was made by the 2nd Continental Congress, on July 26, 1775 in Phillidaphia PA . It was a better way of communication. It was quicker and easier. People could get information faster, and communicate with the other colonies. This made it easier to recieve important information and send information out. The colonial postal service made the colonies feel more comfortable talking and helping eachother with goods and it was also easier to live in the colonies. The First post box was created by William Penn in 1639. They were mainly found in coffee houses and private inns. Before the postal service the colonies really didn't talk to each other or depend on eachother, this could help us become a nation.

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The Colonial Postal Service was made by the 2nd Continental Congress so people had a way to communicate with other people. They needed an easier way to communicate, and an easier way to get information across to each other besides traveling by foot to give people information. (If they didnt go by foot then what did they do?) The Colonial Postal Sevice stared in Philliphia, on July 26, 1775. People found 34 routes to travel to get news across. This happened in the 13 coloines. It got information across to people quicker. Now if something bad where to happen the information can get to other people faster. Getting news across faster could lead to a revolution.
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The Colonial postal service was established in the 17th century to transport goods, news, and letters. It began in private inns and coffee houses, they appointed postmasters, established rates, and introduced postmarks. The postmark is where they had an official mark printed over a postage stamp, and its even more important for ones that get canceled. They then have to record the place and date of mailing. (Then, they) They then created a map of 34 routes running threw (through) the 13 colonies. This was helpful becuase they could recieve imformation faster, and communicate with the other colonies. This took place in the 13 colonies. They delivered things and went to places by walking on foot you had to way around besides this. (whats this mean?) This tells the history of postal service and how it helped, with the enlightment period. We probally (probably) would still be part of Engalnd without it, but we wouldn't have much (many) goods getting transported.You had to have comminication to be able to transport goods and other things, becuase in the 17th century they didn't have technology like computers and phones. (So) so they had to mail things, and talk to each other that way YOU DON'T NEED THIS PART! (becuase we didnt have computers we didnt have emails on comuters so they cant send them.) (MAKE SURE YOU CHECK PUNCTUATION SUCH AS: APOSTRAPHE, COMMAS, PERIODS, QUESTION MARKS, AND EXPLANATION POINTS! WE FOUND A LOT OF MISTAKES IN THAT AREA!)

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The postal services for the colonies started in the late 1600's. It started out as just spreading news in inns and to friends. The first newspaper titled Publick Occurences (Underline it!) wasn't printed until 1690, and the second paper didn't come out until 1704. The papers spread ideas and beliefs around the colonies and gave second opinios on anything that was in the paper. The papers helped the colonist unite, because they knew what was going on in other colonies and back in England. The transportatin played a big role in their communication because the easier to transport the papers, the easier it was to get the news around to everyone. The papers were the best way to communicate because there were no phones or email in colonial times. The papers were transpoted by post riders who rode horses along the many routes around the coloies. The postal service helped with the Enlightenment because questions were asked and everyone knew what was going on.

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The colonial postal service started in the 1706 and ended in 1790. The colonial postal service was created for the current members of the thirteen colonies. They created the colonial postal service because the sections of the colonies need to communicate with each other and mail was the quickest way. Another reason for the government to create the colonial postal srevice was to find out who would run in Benjamin Franklin's office as president. The colonial postal service was a route that delivered mail from town-to-town in the thirteen colonies. Ships brought mail in deposited the mail in Boston with a tavern owner named Richard Fairbanks. The last part of the mail route happend when mailmen traveled from town-to-town to deliver the mail. Even though the colonial postal srevice was created for one main purpose it lasted for many years and was useful in many ways.