Congratulations! You have officially joined the staff of the Colonial Gazette. You will be researching articles and writing letters to the editor based on the content we have learned in class. You will need to create your writings using the perspective of someone living in the colonies during the colonial time period, rather than from your Urbana Junior High student perspective.

Expectations and Run Down For the Wiki:

1. You will be given research forms for each of your 2 topics assigned by Mrs. Steffan.

  • You will have 1 day in class to do the appropriate research for all 2 topics.

  • From those 2 topics you will be assigned to write one regular article and one letter to the editor.

2. You will be given one day to write your article and your letter to the editor inside the wiki.

  • The first half of class will be used to write your article, the second to write your letter to the editor.

  • Each period will be posting items to the wiki, so your work will greatly depend on which period you are during the day.

  • If you are the first 8th grade class of the day then you will be starting from stratch. The later periods will then be adding and making positive changes to the articles the rest of the day.

  • Letters to the Editor will be a little different though. Articles will have already been written on the wiki for that topic. You will need to put 10 spaces below the article before you start the Letter to the Editor. You will have chosen your position before you log into the wiki. If the periods before you have the same opinion as you then you will be adding and making positive changes to their work. If the periods before you have a different opinion, then you will need to put in 10 spaces at the end of their letter and begin your own (you will not be doing anything to their letter).

3. Finally, as a class we will be viewing the wiki postings.

  • During the viewing, as a class, you will be making the final changes to the articles or editorials. Changes will include historical content additions and positive changes along with grammar and spelling issues.

  • We are doing this project in conjunction with language arts standards, so we do expect to have newspaper worthy writing.